11 reasons why an old person shouldn’t make generalizations about 23-year-olds running your social media

The title isn’t mine, but stolen from a recent tweet by @mktgdouchebag, which is meant to be humorous (I think); but I thought it might warrant a real list of its own.

First off, as someone who implements social media for other organizations, I will identify with the 23-year-old in this scenario, however, this really isn’t about age, but about experience in new media and what we as social media “experts” do for a living. After all, I’m 35, not 25, and sometimes I have these types of conversations with people younger than I am.

So, here are the 11 reasons why a old less tech-savvy person shouldn’t make generalizations about 23 35-year-olds running your social media:

  1. We actually like traditional media, like newspapers and magazines, and we still value them.
  2. That new social media “next big thing” you’ve heard about, we’ve been playing around with that for months, maybe years. We just waited until the time was right to recommend it to you.
  3. For every new thing we DO show you, there are another 50 trendy apps or services we filter out. We’re editors!
  4. Though they might seem mystical, SEO and social media marketing models are actually LESS murky and confusing than older marketing models once you figure out how they work.
  5. We get a real thrill when you “buy in” to a strategy for your org. It’s one of the best parts of our jobs.
  6. We also get a thrill when you push back on our strategies and recommendations. It means you’re listening!
  7. Social media at the organizational level is about engagement, not your number of followers.
  8. Engagement can be tied to revenue. That’s why we get paid for this, after all!
  9. Social media at the organizational level is also about voice. We’re thinking about your voice, not just your message.
  10. We know your staff’s time is at maximum bandwidth. It’s our job to find ways to integrate our strategies into your current workflows with your current staff, not to tell you to go hire more social media “experts.”
  11. Deep down, we’re worried in 10-15 years that we’ll be in your positon, trying to make sense and simultaneously gauge the value of what the younger generation is doing.

So there you have it. See, we’re not so different after all.

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Stephen Hammill

A digital communications specialist with several years experience in media, SEO, digital marketing and public relations, I’ve worked to create content utilizing new media while training others to do the same. Find me on Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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