One third of all Americans walk less that 10 minutes a week

The title, hard as it is to believe, says it all. In a recent Atlantic Online article, it’s revealed that Americans are somehow walking less and more at the same time. Confused? So was I.

Essentially, fewer Americans are walking at all, but the ones of us who do walk regularly are walking more often and over longer distances. So there you have it. The most disturbing fact has to be this: More than one-third of adults in the U.S. have not walked for more than 10 minutes straight over the course of the last week. Let that sink in.

Living in a walking-friendly city such as Portland, I have the luxury of forgetting just how much most of our lives revolve around walking out the front door to our car, driving to our destination, and driving back home, never breaking a sweat in the process – -convenient, but a little too comfortable, and comfiort can often be the enemy of fitness.

Read the full story the Atlantic here.

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