PPSC, the Portland Pick-up Soccer Club, reaches 1,600 members

Some of the founding members of PPSC, from L-R Andrew Callaci, Stephen Hammill, Ang Pemba and Alex Tabet

Fellow Portland soccer player Andrew Callaci began the Portland Pick-up Soccer Club (PPSC) on Facebook a little more than two years ago. In that time, we’ve grown the group to more than 1,600 members!

PPSC features seasonal fixed weekly games, plus a bunch of on-the-fly games.

All skill levels are welcome to join PPSC. No membership, fees or player’s card required. Just join the group, see a game you’d like to attend and show up. Bring a light and dark shirt to help even out the teams.

If you live in/near Portland and are looking to play some footy, check out the PPSC group here at http://www.facebook.com/groups/PortlandPickUpSoccerers/.

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7 Replies to “PPSC, the Portland Pick-up Soccer Club, reaches 1,600 members”

  1. Hey there. I stumbled here while looking for Saturday pickup games in the Portland area (other than 6:00 at LOHS!). This PPSC group appears closed. Any suggestions for a game today?

  2. We need some IT love!!! You techies gotta save me from driving all over town trying to scout games. I’d love to sap up some of your organizational skills to get my AtlantaPickupSoccerers -> Atlanta Pickup Soccer Club efforts off the ground!

    Come on man – I’m getting fat on all the shrimp&grits… Help me stay fit – before it is too late!

  3. I am interested in finding out where the weekly games are each week. could you please reply to my email address.thank you!

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