My top 5 favorite bestest U.S. cities

A native East-coaster now living on the west coast, I’ve finally reached a place where I can say I visited every U.S. on my wish list.* A friend asked for my current favorites, so here they are (in alphabetical order):

Austin, TX
Awesome: great food (cheap but good); affordable living; bars; music; cowboy hats/boots on non-cowboys; weird; liberal
Con: lack of good public transit, too hot, it’s in Texas

Chicago, IL
affordable living; bars; music; ocean; public transit; good sports culture
Con: way too cold in winter; far from the coasts

New York City, NY
Awesome: good public transit; liberal city; bars; music; great sports culture; cultural panoply
Con: too expensive; really spread out in some boroughs; cold in winter

Portland, OR
Awesome: great food (cheap); liberal; affordable living; public transit; biking; good sports (soccer) culture; bars; music; indie; not so corporate; parks; lots of green; close to mountains, ocean; balance of urban and nature; weird
Con: homeless hipsters; overcast weather and rain most of the year; very white; a foreboding self-awareness

San Francisco, CA
Awesome: a balance of urban and nature; great weather year round; liberal city; bars; music; ocean; balance of urban and nature; public transit; great food; culture;
Con: too expensive

Feel free to throw some of your favorite cities in the comments.

*Memphis is still unvisited.

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