Portland is home (with gallery)

All apologies for the long delay in updating the blog. Moving across the country via car doesn’t provide the opportunities to do site updates I had anticipated. First off, it’s really tiring. I averaged about 600 miles and nine hours a day on the road. By the time one gets out of the car, the main priority is usually food and sleep. Also, using an iPhone to type while driving is impossibly dangerous.

Some trip highlights:

I decided to take a southerly route into California then up the west coast, mainly to avoid winter weather and mountain driving, but also to stay on some friendly couches in Dallas and San Francisco (thanks to Ashley, Wes and Sarah!). That said, I failed to avoid weather and mountains. There was the blizzard in Flagstaff, AR that forced me to miss seeing the Grand Canyon. Then there were the mountains. Lots of them. Being an east coast resident my entire left, and having only been to the west coast via planes, I had no idea how massively mountainous the continental divides truly are.

New Mexico’s landscape was beautiful — rusty and sloping. Texas was indeed very flat, but there were some wonderful desolate buildings placed in the middle of nowhere that I now wish I had stopped to photograph.

California was tops for scenery. Zoe and I went from desert to mountains to deep forest in an hour’s time.

Finally, as we drove north through Oregon toward Portland, the rains came, and everything turned deep green.

So now I’m in Portland and an official resident as of last Wednesday. I found a nice apartment downtown called the Cyan. It’s very fancy. I was worried about being downtown but the neighborhood is fine and there are plenty of places to get to on foot. I’ve also met some cool neighbors.

Here’s a galley from the trip:

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