Mac’s List; or how to find a job in Portland

A lot of friends, family and colleagues have asked how I managed to find a job in Portland in such a relatively short time, especially considering the state of the job market. The short answer is hard work and some good timing. But I did find a very cool resource along the way.

My friend and media colleague (and Portland resident) Amanda sent me some valuable names, links and recommendations at the beginning of the process; she also insisted that I sign up for Mac’s List.

Mac’s List is a weekly email newsletter (and website) that features a few dozen Portland-based job openings and resources for folks in communications, public affairs and other fields like non-profits, public agencies and politics, etc. What’s nice about a list like this: it’s curated. Good jobs and fewer applicants, but better applicants. How many resumes have you sent off into the abyss of automated corporate websites or national job sites never to hear back? A lot? Me, too. It can be deflating. You have experience, good references, a tight resume — what does it matter when you can’t get your foot in the door?

So my personal, and now professional (I was hired by Prichard Communications this year — the very company that produces Mac’s List) advice to finding a good job: network, get names of influencers and get your foot in the door any way you can; and don’t rely on the big job sites. Employers don’t value the endless flow of resumes they bring in. Instead, find a smaller resource. If you’re looking in Oregon, Mac’s List is a great one.

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Stephen Hammill

A digital communications specialist with several years experience in media, SEO, digital marketing and public relations, I’ve worked to create content utilizing new media while training others to do the same. Find me on Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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  1. Hi Stephen,

    Congratulations and good luck. A friend of the family lives in Portland and you guys are similar in lots of ways. His name is Sloan Schang and you can reach him here – http://www.swelldone.come or @swelldone on Twitter. He might be a good contact. Take care and stay warm!

    – Catherine

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