Top 5 things I’ll miss about Tampa

These are the things I’ll miss the most about living in Tampa these past 10 years, off the top of my head:

5. Trip Park. That’s the name we gave to the amphitheater hugging the Hillsborough River downtown. On cooler nights, it was a perfect place to meditate or hold late night conversations.

4. Playing soccer games at Riverfront Park. I found the place three years ago and never went more than a couple weeks without running back to it.

3. New World Brewery. From the first time my band played the outdoor patio (we would go on to play there nearly 40 times), I knew it would be my musical home for as long as I lived here. The staff was always more friendly than should be expected from a place so cool.

2. Working at Creative Loafing. -So far, best job I’ve ever had.

1. I fell in love here — real adult love, with real adult feelings and consequences. It didn’t last long enough, and it caused real adult pain for both of us, but it was the most important experience of my life.

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Stephen Hammill

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6 Replies to “Top 5 things I’ll miss about Tampa”

  1. I made the same list when I left Miami and then made a new list about Tampa when I moved back.

    However, the real reason for this post is how sweet and endearing it is. That open honesty and vulnerability is something I like about you. GOOD luck with your move and your new life!

    And, remember, you will ALWAYS have lots of friends back here in Tampa.

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