Well Portland Oregon and sloe gin fizz – if that ain’t love then tell me what is

It’s officially official. After a decade in the Sunshine State I’m moving to the west coast in one week to call Portland my new home. I’ll be working for a great little PR company there called Prichard Communications.

If you want to say your goodbyes I’d suggest you join me for Life of Pi’s last Florida show, Wed., Nov. 24 at New World Brewery. It shoud be a special night, so come buy me a drink and wish me good travels. Info here.

Zoe and I will hit the road the next day for what should be a four or five day cross-country trip. She’s very excited.

To those friends and colleagues who I won’t see before I leave, thank you for making my time here so fruitful and fulfilling. There were more memorable experiences than I can sum up here, so I won’t try.

-Special thanks to the great folks at Creative Loafing, who welcomed me into their wonderful team for these past 2+ years. It was a great experience and I’ll miss the place.

If you’re in Portland, look me up!

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Stephen Hammill

A digital communications specialist with several years experience in media, SEO, digital marketing and public relations, I’ve worked to create content utilizing new media while training others to do the same. Find me on Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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