Song of the day: “When Will Happiness Find Me Again”

Some more Frank Black.

“When Will Happiness Find Me Again,” from Frank Black’s Show Me Your Tears:

The country was nothing but trees
So I went to the city one day
Down at the night club
I met my true love
I just happened to pass by her way

The fountains they sounded like rain
And the pigeons around us were cooing
I believe in the fates
I thought they were great
Till that girl left my poor heart in ruins
When will happiness find me again?

She picked up the phone
The bombs were deployed
The people they groaned
The world was destroyed

Should I stay here and stumble around
Or head for the woods far away?
I can’t make up my mind
I’m drunk all the time
When will happiness find me again?

Now I’m drunk all the time
The sun never shines
Clouds hang low on the ruins
When will happiness find me again?

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