My top-10-Beatles-songs-of-all-time list

the_beatles-11971Magazines love lists, and Rolling Stone is no exception. As a teaser for their special issue cataloging the greatest 100 songs by arguably the greatest popular music act of all time, the Beatles, they’ve leaked their top 10 online.

Here’s their list. In parentheses are the album name and chief composer of the song:

10: “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” (The Beatles [White Album] – Harrison)
9: “Come Together” (Abbey Road – Lennon)
8: “Let it Be” (Let it Be – McCartney)
7: “Hey Jude” (single – McCartney)
6: “Something” (Abbey Road – Harrison)
5: “In My Life” (Rubber Soul – Lennon)
4: “Yesterday” (Help! – McCartney)
3: “Strawberry Fields Forever” (Magical Mystery Tour – Lennon)
2: “I Want to Hold Your Hand” (Meet the Beatles! – Lennon)
1: “A Day In The Life” (Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – Lennon & McCartney)

the-beatles-color-wallpaperMy first impression is that this list is too Abbey Road heavy. For me, the side #2 medley is where that albums shines, not so much with the side #1 tracks. Also, why do Beatles fans always pick these two George Harrison songs? -too sappy for me. Give me “I Me Mine” or “Here Comes the Sun” over these any day.

Strawberry Fields always gets picked, I think partly because it’s very experimental and marked a turning point for the band. But there are better “psychedelic” Beatles songs, like “I am the Walrus.”

“A Day In The Life” is the ubiquitous “best Beatles song ever” and I won’t argue with that. It’s one of the few later Beatles songs to feature both Lennon and McCartney parts and they compliment each other in a perfectly disjointed way.

Here’s my top 10 in no order, because I couldn’t rank them without having an aneurysm:

I Want To Hold Your Hand
A Day In The Life
I Am The Walrus
The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill
Let It Be
We Can Work It Out
Hey Jude
The Ballad of John and Yoko

Nominate your top 10 Beatles songs over at Creative Loafing — it can be a list of your favorites or your objective bests or something in-between..

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  1. Nothing wrong with Abbey Road but it’s probably just because it’s the record I listened to every morning for the first month after I had Orson. Just a bit biased.

    I tried to do my top 10 Beatles songs but I couldn’t.

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