Remembering the George Steinbrenner soap opera

I wrote a short piece for Creative Loafing about my thoughts on the passing of Yankees owner (and Tampa resident) George Steinbrenner:

I approach the passing of Geroge Steinbrenner from a somewhat unique perspective. I was born and raised in New York and have called Tampa home for some years now.

Like many Tampa residents I can’t help but applaud the many good deeds and uncounted dollars charitably spent for this city and its people.

And like many native New Yorkers who followed the Yankees in the ’80s, I will remember his tenure as “The Boss” as a mixed bag.

If the George Steinbrenner Yankees of the 1970’s were the Bronx Zoo, the ’80s teams were the Great Soap Opera. A different manager every year (with Billy Martin on a rotating plan), endless bickering, elevator brawls and passive-aggressive notes sent from the owner’s box — it was all par for the course. As a young baseball fan growing up watching Don Mattingly (my childhood hero) get more attention from Steinbrenner for the length his mustache than for his bat I learned to take The Boss with a grain of salt…

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