New song: “Guido’s Dead”

Recording and mixing for Life of Pi‘s 4th (as yet untitled) continues. Alastair came by the studio this weekend to record backing vocals (and a righteous whistle solo) to the new song Guido’s Dead.

Click to listen: Guido’s Dead.mp3


Once again, we cross across the line
the radio’s on, it’s the best song that we have
so play it one more time

You need relief, the fountain’s where it grows
go with speed to the bottom of the hill
just like Jack and Jill

But please remember Guido’s Dead
he was only 41 today
just a comedy
but will he never see his true love wait

Ten years gone, the pleasures in the spine
but seeing you, makes us feel alright
ready for the fight

But please remember Guido’s Dead
he was only 51 today
just a comedy
but will we never see out true love wait

our true love waits.

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