What’s the right dog for me if I’m not right for any dog?

I’ve been thinking about getting a dog lately. In doing the due diligence, I’ve visted a handful of shelter websites, talked to friends with dogs of their own and tried out a couple of online breed selectors. These are where you pick your likes and needs and the site tries to match you to a breed. I’ve been struggling with the results.

One of the sites told me to get an Italian Greyhound. They’re small-ish, like I wanted, and they like to go out and run (I’d like one to play soccer with). But they’re not my style. Too delicate looking. They’re also hypo-allergenic, which is good. I’m not allergic to dogs — I grew up with them — I just don’t want to have to clean up too much hair.

I’ve had good experiences with Pugs. They fit the bill in so many ways, being friendly and small, but they shed a lot.

Another site actually told me to just get a cat — no lie.  Maybe they’re right. Maybe I’m just too picky. I’ve yet to mention I don’t want to buy from a breeder, and most shelter dogs are mutts anyway I suppose.

So what kind of dog should I get? Stay tuned.

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Stephen Hammill

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3 Replies to “What’s the right dog for me if I’m not right for any dog?”

  1. I say just keep going to the pound and checking out what they have. That’s what I did when I had my last dog. My parents said I could only get a dog if it was small. So I went to the pound a bunch and then one day I went and fell in love with the weirdest dog ever. He was the greatest pet I have ever had. Didn’t shed much, peed in the house once the whole time I had him, smart, and loving. Seriously, best dog ever and great photo shoot partner.

  2. Boxers are cool. A friend has one and I’ve always gotten a good vibe… Now the Vizsla, that’s another story. That dog looks way too regal for my place.

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