Cool your jets

(Originally published Aug. 8, 2009)

After 25 years I found out I had a twin
and not only did this other other live near
the same city, the same town as me, but
he is a person without pity by all accounts.

“The more you ignore me, the closer I get
you’re wasting your time,” he always sings
even when he doesn’t know I’m around
at the show, at the bar, with his head on the bar.

I don’t blame him for all my failed relations
for all those who, hurt by his avarice
reasonably assumed it was me all along,
who fell prey to his sweet songs

There was always more I could try
to counteract his drunken indifference
to vanquish him and be whole again
but I was too sober, and now it’s over

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Stephen Hammill

A digital communications specialist with several years experience in media, SEO, digital marketing and public relations, I’ve worked to create content utilizing new media while training others to do the same. Find me on Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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