I will not follow you into the inferno

(Originally published June 18)

I will not follow you into the inferno
Be warned today of the journey ahead
there are bad things living inside your head

fires of torment and swamps that stain
the clothes of our purity that were given in vain

remember the time when we once were made whole
together, alone, the most foolish of goals

since the boatman has come to take me across
the river of sin, now my gain is my loss

and great terror is found in the city of Dis
the capital of hell where her serpents hiss

in the shadows Medusa looks guilelessly fair
while out in the light there are snakes in her hair

before Cocytus comes for my poet’s soul
i find a gate or a passage to get me out whole

awakened from sleep and dreams of running
a new day awaits in the lives of the cunning

the thoughts of the wrathful pointing up to the sky
while down on the ground fewer ever ask why

should we be the ones to cut to the quick
and let off the hook the heart’s final trick

the sentiments of guilt that we’re left to quell
there are no such things as heaven and hell

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Stephen Hammill

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