This is the official site for Stephen Hammill, digital communications, SEO tech-person with nearly a decade of experience at the agency level. I lead data-driven marketing teams with a focus on creating valuable content. Additionally, I’m a writer, a musician, a soccer player and a practitioner of the Abstraction Principle.

A New York native, I now live in Portland, OR and work as Performance Lead for eROI creative agency. My resume and portfolio can be found here. Click here for my music both as a solo artist and member of the band Life of Pi.

For my blog, look below. For more timely updates, read my Twitter feed to the right. . For everything else, use the menu at top of the page.

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Stephen Hammill

A digital communications specialist with several years experience in media, SEO, digital marketing and public relations, I’ve worked to create content utilizing new media while training others to do the same. Find me on Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.